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Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

They say a man is known by the shoes he wears. If our shoes do most of the talking, we ought to take care of them. This is specially a point to remember when it comes to men’s smart leather shoes. Also, it’s more like a challenge during monsoon, when there’s moisture and humidity in the air. Although it is tough and durable, it needs love and care to last long. Following are certain points to remember if you wish to go a long way with those classic men’s black leather shoes:

1. Keep them dry!

Now that may come as a surprise. Perhaps you bought those leather oxfords just because leather is supposed to be waterproof. Apparently it is! It resists water from seeping through. But water is harmful for leather to sustain for long and it gradually deteriorates its quality. Try and dry your leather shoes as soon as you get out of the waters. Put lumps of newspapers inside to accelerate the drying process.

2. Let no heat beat it

In order to do a quick-fix for your drenched black leather shoes, don’t think of blow drying it or putting it in the sunlight. As it leads to fading of the color. Also quick drying those leather shoes makes leather shrink and crack. You wouldn’t want that. Would you? So even if it takes relatively long to naturally dry it, let it.

3. Avoid boxing

After all leather’s a skin. Right? It needs to breathe. Always keeping it boxed and packed, don’t let much of this breathing to happen. You might think you’re taking care by wrapping it all up. But you’re not! So try and put those men’s smart leather shoes in open or a spacious shoe rack.

4. Condition it

Like our skin needs moisture, leather does so too.It tends to lose its lustre and natural oils with time. Invest in a good leather conditioner and use it for men’s smart leather shoes, once a week. This will help the leather to retain its properties for longer period of time.

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