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Slip on Shoes – The Versatile pick of the Season

Shoes are a man’s favourite and the most versatile piece of all is the slip on shoes. Loafers are the most convenient and a snazzy piece of footwear to uplift you shoe closets. If you love staying on a comfortable side of the style, then loafers are an ideal pick for you. Easy to slip in and out, this fashion treat to your feet is the best partner in crime when you love meandering in the streets all day and night. Dressing up for a formal meeting or planning to stroll the streets, the shoe is bound to keep you in comfort without compromising on your style. Loafers are a versatile piece of repertoire that can be paired for your dusk to dawn looks without being too monotonous.

With the changing fashion trends and a rapid evolution in customer preferences, loafers have come in varied styles from penny loafers to suede slip on and moccasins. The popular among them are the penny loafers that are absolutely classic and can be worn with almost anything.

Penny loafers can compliment your casual, semi-formal as well as formal looks. You need not hustle while getting late as these will hold your entire look together. Trade these with your crisp white shirt and basic denim jeans for your casual looks to slay. A navy suit will match well with these brown loafers. Swap your brogues with these penny loafers for a bolder fashion statement. Penny loafers are the most functional pair of footwear you can own as they can be paired well anytime and anywhere.

As winters hit the air, splash a right amount of color and sophistication to your looks with rich suede loafers. The lush texture and the soft feel of the suede make them a righteous pick for you when you want to stay comfortable and cozy all day and night. These loafers will match well with your navy suits as well as dark chino pants. For a reinvented casual look and to add a pop of color to your outfit, pair it with our all black ensemble.

These men’s black slip-on shoes are a sophisticated delight to your feet. The black sheen of the genuine leather is a luxury redefined. Pair it up with your tuxedos and suits and be the gaze of the evening. The textured strap adds a design element to the shoe and is more decorative than its peers. Well to go for your formal and informal parties, this shoe is recommended to be worn only when you have got a champagne to toast. Pairing it up with your casual regular basics will be a mismatch.

Remember to make a right contrast to the shoe for an outlandish winter look. These up the ante loafers are a remarkable choice for you to revamp your shoe closets this time of the year and add a modern urbane look to your books. Shop for more styles at www.teakwoodleathers.com for a worldly shoe closet for your shoes to speak louder than words.

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