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“IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT” because all you need to think in this 2018 is Leather products are worth the value.

Leather accessories are definitely important when you are building your wardrobe from top to bottom.
And if you think that leather is a winter material, then my dear friend you go totally wrong here because leather is one of the essentials, and can be worn/ carried during any season. It’s like a seasonal classic. Be it leather shoes, say women’s leather bags or cases, men’s leather shoes, bags, belts etc.
No matter how amazing clothes you have in your wardrobe, but if you don’t have the right of accessories to carry with it, what’s the use? You just lost the style battle in the fashion world.
You may not carry a bag or a case or wear belts all the time but footwear is a must. And from footwear, let us jump onto shoes. This part of dressing is something as important as your clothes. In fact, it’s a saying that ‘a man is judged by nothing, but his shoes’.

So here we here with few must have-leather accessories in 2018.


A pair of leather shoes for casual wear with smart dressing is a big yes yes! to have in your wardrobe. Brown, Tan, Black or even Blue are few trending colours that are going nowhere in the next coming few years. So, make an investment in this accessory that will result into looking smart any season. You can shop these at Teakwood.


I’m sure there are trendy bags coming up every now and then, but honey notch up your style if you want to stay in the game.
The duffle bag is undoubtedly the most versatile bag of all. You can use it to the gym or for a weekend gateway with your friends and family or even a business trip for that matter.
It’s an all rounder. It is not only stylish but incredibly useful, too.


I need not have to explain the importance of a good, smart and a simple leather belt. You already know pros of a well-built leather belt. So, I recommend one should probably have a couple of leather belts in two to three colours preferably black and brown is a must if you purchasing them. It gives weight to your overall dressing, especially if matched with your shoes.


Pay attention to little details. Your wallet is something you always carry with you. So don’t bargain on the quality here. Leather wallets look the most sexy and definitely are durable than any other.
A fine leather wallet can elevate your overall personality. You can find the finest quality at Teakwood.
A good quality men’s leather wallet can leave a great impression on people around your circle.

So buzz in, look for what all you don’t have ion your wardrobe and buy it right away.
It’s just not a purchase. It’s a style investment.

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