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How to Keep Your Leather Bags As Good as New

Carrying a smart bag isn’t women’s prerogative anymore. The most fashionable and up-to-date men are seen carrying a polished leather bag with them all the time. Leather bags are a great investment and they sure do vibe with a wide variety of fashion looks. But, they require ample care to stay in great shape. A lot of men tend to invest in leather accessories but end up wearing them out too soon. The following tips will help such clueless men keep the look of their bags intact and double the lifespan of expensive leather goods too.

1. Never Put Your Handbag on the Floor

Did you know that Brazilian women believe that keeping one’s bag on the floor brings bad luck? But, that’s not why you must refrain from keeping your bag on the floor. More often than not, public floor is the breeding ground for germs, which can affect the quality of leather badly. Apart from this, keeping your leather handbags on the floor leads to the accumulation of dust and color fading; this can drastically reduce the value of any deluxe leather bag.

2. Touch with Clean Hands

Touch the bag only when one’s hands are clean – this good habit can almost double the lifespan of leather bags. Avoid handling your bag with dirty hands in order to keep the leather protected from oil, dirt and other damaging factors.

3. Avoid Over-Cleaning

Do not turn into an obsessive cleanliness freak when it comes to leather bags. Over-cleaning with external cleaning agents can over-expose leather to chemicals, which can eventually ruin your bag. Instead, focus on keeping your bag away from stains; spot clean the bag (when needed), condition it, and let the bag breathe. Genuine leather bags are easily available online in India at Teakwood.

4. Do not Store without a Cover

Get your precious bag a dedicated cover to keep it as good as new. If you do not wish to invest in a dust bag, even a pillow case made with natural fibers is a good choice. Keep in mind – you need to stay away from plastic or vinyl covers as they are a breeding ground for mildew and mould. Another great tip is to stuff your bag loosely with tissues and storing them in an upright position. This will help you maintain the shape of your bag for long.

5. Swap Bags from Time to Time

Rotate your bags from time to time to maintain them effectively. Invest in at least two bags and keep alternating between them all the time. This will not only increase your style quotient but prevent bags from getting over-used, too. Teakwood offers excellent ranges of casual bags and laptop bags for men. You’ll be left spoilt for choice, for sure.

6. Don’t Forget These

Apart from following all these easy, everyday tips, keep the following in mind:

• Lanolin and alcohol content of baby wipes can ruin your bag. Hence, never use baby or general wet wipes to clean your bag.

• Products that could leak must be avoided; keep them in a zip pouch if you must carry them.

• Work bags for men often get exposed to too much sun. Make sure you do not expose your bag to direct sunlight often.

• Prevent your bag from getting wet.

All said and done, keep one very important thing in mind – leather changes, no matter what you do, and for the better.Though these tips will help preserve the original veneer of your bag, accept that aging reveals leather’s true value. Don’t get too worked up about minor stains and scratches and enjoy the beautiful ruggedness and evolved texture of leather.

We hope these little tips and tricks will assist you in taking best care of your leather bags. Head over to teakwood for amazing leather bags for men.

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